• Build 51 Release Notes

    Added Double Chocolate Pastry to Product Catalog

    Updated Database version to


  • Build 49 Release Notes

    Fixed a case where backup files with spaces in the file name were causing the backup to fail.

    Fixed a case where Invoice PDFs were not generated because a folder did not exist.

    Fixed a case where … more

  • Build 48 Release Notes

    Enabled Peanut Butter Classic Breaks Cookie Dough in Product Catalog.

    Fixed a backup error that was occurring during a database upgrade.

    Updated database version to


  • Build 47 Release Notes

    Scheduled Backup 

    Added Backup Now functionality. Backup Now uses the scheduled backup location to make a backup of the FR Pilot database.  

    Removed Backup Every X days from … more

  • Build 46 Release Notes


    Removed Close Button

    Fixed error messages hiding behind login form

    Invoice Report

    Updated to exclude canceled deliveries and canceled invoices


    Updated … more

  • Build 45 Release Notes


    Fixed binding error for contact Do Not Allow Contact options.

    Delivery Management

    Updated Invoice report path to use correct location.


    Fixed book a fundraiser … more

  • Build 44 Release Notes

    On the fundraiser form assistant – fixed addresses displaying incorrectly when choosing a delivery or print fliers address.


  • Build 43 Release Notes

    Fixed Auto Complete on Group Owner combo box when creating a new group. 

    Reduced memory usage by using shared resources.

    Activities Grid

    Contact Grid

    Group Grid

    Fundraisers Grid … more